David Coates Architect offers complete, professional architectural services; the practice is situated in Knysna, on the Garden Route in the Southern Cape of South Africa.


The practice focuses on the design and delivery of upmarket homes. As a small practice, we strive to provide high service levels to clients, integrating design quality with cost-effective delivery. Design emphasis is on enhancement of lifestyle, typically approached by infusing the client's brief with the surrounding landscape and local context in developing form - recognising that this modulates the light that enlivens spaces. The interrelationship of interior spaces themselves and with exterior spaces is seminal.


We are enthusiastic about investigating opportunities for incorporating the latest technologies, while the use of natural materials is favoured. The practice has a strong interest in eco-design, which is rooted in an awareness of the impact of mankind on our planet; Knysna's local context and surrounding beauty serves as a constant reminder of the challenge of our legacy.


The practice has several years of experience in commercial architecture, ranging from feasibility studies, time-critical project control and delivery, to individual tenancies. David spent several formative years with a prominent commercial practice as a design and projects architect and believes that the skills developed have strongly benefited project administration ability these have been of great value, since many of the practice's clients are non-resident / international for periods of time.



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